The Magic of Oracle Card Reading

Oracle card readings are one of my favourite ways to bring through messages & information for my clients. This is taught inside of the Sacred Priestess Training. Even more than that, the certification you will receive is as a Professional Oracle Card Reader, meaning that you will: Oracle card readings are perfect for anyone with […]

The Sacred Priestess Training is built for women like you

The Sacred Priestess Training is built for women like you. This training is built for women who are wanting to deepen their connection to themselves & to the Divine Feminine in a truly profound & expansive way. This training is designed for women who are ready to truly step into spiritual leadership and self-leadership. It […]

Enrolment for the Sacred Priestess Training is Open!

Enrolment for the Sacred Priestess Training is OPEN! It has taken me some time to realign, readjust & refocus on the magic, knowledge & experiences that are woven into this program, and I am so excited that it is ready.  Now let me just lead you a little bit on my journey to getting here…  […]

What does it mean to be a Priestess of the Divine Feminine?

To be a Priestess of the Divine Feminine means becoming an embodied leader. It is to step up into service of the Goddess & of yourself. It is to have the ability to truly & deeply recognise the divine in others & in yourself. To be a Priestess is to step into your best self, […]

What it means to be a modern day Priestess

In ancient times, Priestesses were revered as spiritual leaders and healers. They were the intermediaries between the Divine and the people, and their words and actions carried great weight in their communities. Today, the role of the Priestess has evolved, but it remains just as important.  At its core, the Priestess path is about living […]

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