Oracle card readings are one of my favourite ways to bring through messages & information for my clients.

This is taught inside of the Sacred Priestess Training. Even more than that, the certification you will receive is as a Professional Oracle Card Reader, meaning that you will:

Oracle card readings are perfect for anyone with any kind of question, including just wanting to receive guidance from their spirit guides. Here are some of the reasons that people might come to you for a card reading…

These are just a few ways that card reading can expand your offerings & therefore a potential income & impact on your clients.

The way that I teach is through an experience, embody & master structure – this means you will experience the modality in some way before truly embodying it for yourself. The last step is that you will master that skill in a potent and profound way.

Previously, the Priestesses absolutely loved the card reading training, and they really embodied it & used it in their life, and it created incredible results, communications, synchronicities & manifestations.

If you feel the call to join the Sacred Priestess Training with me, apply via this link where you can also find more information on the magic you will experience.

With love, always,


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