Enrolment for the Sacred Priestess Training is OPEN!

It has taken me some time to realign, readjust & refocus on the magic, knowledge & experiences that are woven into this program, and I am so excited that it is ready. 

Now let me just lead you a little bit on my journey to getting here… 

I have been running this profound training for a few years & every time I relaunch it, I revamp it a little, so it is always evolving, always growing & always expanding. I take into account the feedback from all those who have been a part of the training, and I do a lot of deep self-reflection as well as asking for guidance from the Divine. 

Initially for this launch, I was going to dramatically change the whole training – but I very quickly realised I was doing this out of a little self-worth crisis, so I literally stopped the launch around December 2022 & reset. I took a few months to do some inner work, to rebuild my confidence, to see the worth & value in myself and what I am creating, and to really get super clear on WHY I am bringing this powerful training into the world… and my reason is impact. 

If you resonate with the energy of the Divine Feminine, & you want to bring this more into your life & the lives of those around you (friends, loved ones, clients, you name it) whilst really stepping up in self-leadership, then this was created for you. 

This is not an over-priced, half-arsed creation – this is my life’s work, my own experience, my own embodiment & practice, and everything you could possibly need to walk your unique Priestess Path (not mine – it is not about me, which is a huge part of why it is all held inside of the Divine Embodiment Academy®, rather than under Priestess Darcie – this is about you, your journey, your growth, your experiences, your embodiment, your mastery of the magical modalities that you learn inside of this training). 

It is now fine-tuned & ready for you… 

Head to https://priestessdarcie.com/priestess-training/ to find out more (including how you apply) for the next round of the Sacred Priestess Training. I hope to see you on that very first opening ceremony call. 

With love, always,


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