step into spiritual connection & self-leadership
support clients in transformational ways

Certified with the Divine Embodiment Academy®
Accredited by the iphm

Calling all my Healers, Coaches,
Self-Love Experts, Magical Souls and
Empowered Queens

Calling all my Healers, Coaches, Self-Love Experts, Magical Souls and Empowered Queens

This training is going to...

certify you as a Priestess of the Goddess, a Priestess of the Divine Feminine

certify you as a Priestess of the Goddess, a Priestess of the Divine Feminine

As a Priestess of the Divine Feminine, you will:

This is for you...

This is for you when you are ready to dive into a deeper level of commitment and connection to yourself and the Divine Feminine.

This is for you when you desire to create transformational ceremonial experiences for yourself, your loved ones and your communities.

This is for you when you are ready to facilitate next level change in the lives of every single person who works with you.

This is for you when you want to offer completely unique services that are only taught by me through this training.

This is for you if you hear the call of the Goddess, feel the pull of the Divine Feminine, and feel ready to step up to serve Her.

This is a multidimensional training

Where you will be certified by the Divine Embodiment Academy® as:

So altogether that is six incredible certifications all certified by the Divine Embodiment Academy®

Priestess of the Divine Feminine
Practitioner of Inner Child Healing
Active empowerment coach
Practitioner of Dea Healing
professional oracle card reader
Practitioner of Channeling

All About the Embodiment

Something I pride myself on with this Priestess training is that we start the work by embodiment. And what I mean by this is that we really work to embody these things for ourselves, to connect to these things for ourselves, to understand and experience these things ourselves. I want you to be a true master of the modalities we learn, and to feel so confident in your ability to truly help others. With every single modality, we spend time connecting to it ourselves, and then practising and learning it for the use on others and I’m very passionate about this really deep connected understanding that I know you will have when you complete this training.

Star Aligned Structure

This training is very strategically and specifically structured to be able to help you to learn quickly, to embody the magic, and to feel like a true master of the modalities over a period of five months.

There are six modules inside of this training, and they connect to the six archetypes of the Divine Feminine that I work with. These modules will spend time connecting to each of the things that you will be certified in.

The Sacred Priestess The Sacred Priestess module is a self-guided module, so you will have access to that first. You will also have journeys to connect with your Goddess and each of the Archetypes of the Divine Feminine in each of the modules throughout the training.

The Inner Maiden During the Inner Maiden module, we will work with experiencing, embodying and facilitating Inner Child Healing.

The Embodied Lover In the Embodied Lover module, we look at self-love and dive into Active Empowerment Coaching.

The Abundant Mother During the Abundant Mother module, we will be working with energy healing, specifically looking at Dea Healing, the Goddess Energy Healing modality that I have created.

The Enlightened Queen In the Enlightened Queen module, we will be diving into Oracle Card Reading and looking at it from a professional and intuitive perspective.

The Mystical Crone During the Mystical Crone module, we will be working with Channeling and take time to look at where your Priestess-path is going as you expand and grow forth beyond this training.

As well as receiving the video trainings, guided audios, manual and pre-recorded training material, you will also experience:

Embodiment Calls – during these monthly group calls you will have space to share about your experience and journey with your Goddess so far, to ask questions in a Q&A style and to experience and embody some more magic of what each module has to offer.

Mastery Calls – a powerful way to work with your Priestess Path in a way that is as unique as you are! These are monthly one-to-one calls to support you on your journey to mastering the modalities and truly becoming your Priestess self.

Universe-Approved Bonus Magic

I have included some powerful bonuses inside of this incredible training to elevate and expand your experience.

One-to-One Call with Priestess Darcie

You will receive a longer one-to-one call with me which will be placed towards the end of the training to help you solidify your Priestess path going forward, to make the most out of everything and to help you on your personal journey too. This call will be an hour long, so we can dive into things and really help you get that clarity on where your Priestess path is going.

Private Facebook Group
You will receive access to a private Facebook group with your fellow Priestesses-to-be, and I will of course be popping in there with reminders and to answer any questions that come up.

High Quality Manual
I have created the most beautiful manual that has been expertly designed and is packed full of resources and guidance. This manual will be shipped to you, wherever you are in the world, and is an incredible guide for facilitating sessions. This tool is for you to refer back to at any time, with tips, tricks, and scripts for some techniques to help you to really master them and to use them with ease and confidence with clients. This handy bonus will become one of your most used tools when it comes to practically Priestessing.

Scripts for Easeful Facilitation
I have created easy to use, easy to follow scripts as the guides to allow easeful facilitation of some of the modalities. These powerful scripts (which are inside your beautiful manual) will allow you to facilitate sessions with confidence, clarity and ease.

Channeled Goddess to Guide You
I am so excited to have this incredible and unique facet to the Sacred Priestess Training. At the beginning of your journey, I will channel a specific Goddess for you to work with throughout the 5 months of the training and beyond. She will be your guide and connection point, and will be deeply involved in how you connect and deliver each of the modalities.

Opening Ceremony
We will begin this Priestess Training journey together by meeting for a profound ceremony where you will get a chance to deeply connect with your Goddess and your Priestess-self through a channeled experience held by me.

Dedication Ceremony
In the place of a closing ceremony or graduation, we have the Dedication Ceremony. This is where you will officially become a Priestess and receive your official certification. This will be a magical experience filled with mysticism.


Infinite Value

There is powerful and potent magical inside of this incredible training, and the actual value of what you receive and the connections you will create would be infinite.

but just for your information, you can join now and receive access to…

Total Value = £6,781

You can get all of this now for just £1,515

Add a Personal Touch

if you feel called to work deeper throughout this experience, and to have a more personal journey with high touch support directly from me, upgrade to VIP. the vip package includes Everything from the Standard Sacred Priestess Training PLUS…

One-to-One Support and Guidance
You will receive monthly one-to-one calls with me to support you on your journey as you become a powerful Priestess, to enhance your understanding and integration of the magic we learn and to assist and guide you on your journey to becoming an embodied spiritual leader. These calls can be used to dive into what you are learning, to practice techniques, and to guide you through anything that is coming up for you as you connect to yourself and your purpose in this new way.

Weekly Whatsapp Activations
Receive weekly check ins from me via Whatsapp in which I will check in on where you are at, answer any questions and share a custom activation with you.

Divine Embodiment Activation Series Access
You will also receive access to my profound series of guided Divine Embodiment Activations, designed to initiate and integrate powerful shifts within your energy body to allow next level integration and embodiment of the work you are doing to enhance who you are becoming. This is somewhat of a mystery offer as it will be completely channelled for those who are in the container when it begins.

Total Value = £8,765

You can get all of this now for just £2,222

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