Certified with the Divine Embodiment Academy

Calling all my Healers, Coaches,
Self-Love Experts, Magical Souls and
Empowered Queens

Calling all my Healers, Coaches, Self-Love Experts, Magical Souls and Empowered Queens

This is the most exciting thing that I have done pretty much ever, and it is so magical. I cannot wait to tell you all of the magic that is happening inside of this training, and I know that for those of you who feel called to it, this is going to change your life.

What is it?

This training is going to certify you as a Priestess of the Goddess, a Priestess of the Divine Feminine.

This training is going to certify you as a Priestess of the Goddess, a Priestess of the Divine Feminine.

As a Priestess of the Divine Feminine, you will step into service of the Goddess, you will step into your queen self, you will step into your best self, you will become a leader in a brand-new way and you’ll be able to hold space unlike any other. To be a Priestess of the Divine Feminine means becoming a leader. It is to step up into service of the Goddess and of yourself. It is to have the ability to truly and deeply recognise the divine in others, and almost more importantly sometimes, yourself. To be a Priestess is to step into your best self, to lead from the heart, from intuition, from self-knowledge. 

I want you as a Priestess to feel so secure in your knowledge of yourself, so secure in your interpretation of the divine, so secure in your intuition and trusting it with such certainty that you feel confident and can truly embody that leader, priestess-self that I know you have within you.

When you stand as a Priestess, proud, confident, and aligned, your life truly is filled with magic. To go deeper into that, what I mean is that your life will transform for the better. The people around you will recognise your energetic shift, even if they don’t know why and can’t quite put their finger on it, and you will be treated with so much more respect, so much more love, and you will step into circles of friends and soul family in new ways that feel so safe, so secure, so strong, and the bond between these new connections is unbreakable. When you do the work on yourself, there is so much proof and evidence that it impacts all of those around you, especially your family. When you step up as a Priestess and begin to do this work on yourself, because that is where we start, you will begin to not only understand with a compassionate heart a lot more behaviour of those around you, but you also watch them change and shift as you change and shift, and it is so beautiful.

Something I pride myself on with this Priestess training is that we start the work by embodiment. And what I mean by this is that we really work to embody these things for ourselves, to connect to these things for ourselves, to understand and experience these things ourselves. I want every single priestess I train to be a true master of the modalities we learn, and to feel so confident in their ability to truly help others. With every single modality, we spend time connecting to ourselves, and then practising and learning it for the use on others and I’m very passionate about this really deep connected understanding that I know you will have when you complete this training.

Who is it for?

The first thing I would like to say here is you do not need to be anything. You don’t do not need to be ‘ascended’, ‘elevated’, or ‘evolved’, you do not need to be far along your path, you do not need to be a novice or an expert. All you need to be is yourself, authentic, curious, ready to learn, open, and passionate about connecting yourself and others to the divine feminine. 

It is for you if you are feeling ready to dive into a deeper level of commitment and connection to yourself and the Divine Feminine.

It is for you if you are ready to create transformational ceremonial experiences for yourself, your loved ones and your communities.

It is for you if you are ready to facilitate next level change in the lives of your clients, and to offer completely new services that no one else in the world trains you in the way I will be training you. 

It is for you if you hear the call of the Goddess, feel the pull of the Divine Feminine, and feel ready to step up to serve Her.

Let’s talk about the certifications...

You will be certified by the Divine Embodiment Academy as:

So altogether that is six incredible certifications all certified by the Divine Embodiment Academy. But what do each of these really mean?

As a Priestess of the Divine Feminine, you will embody all of the things I’ve already talked about here on this page, and so much more. The initiation module which you immediately have access to when your application is approved and you are officially in, is called the Sacred Priestess, and this module dives into what it actually means to be a Priestess, some magical Priestess tools and skills, and how to practically use them in your own magical way. This includes things like working with the elements, working with the archetypes of the Divine Feminine, and working with ceremony creation. To connect with the Divine Feminine, when you begin this program, you will have a specific Goddess channelled through me for you to work with for the duration of this training. This Goddess will guide you and be your connection point throughout. You will work with Her every single month, with every single modality, and She will really guide you as you work. This is a really unique magical opportunity that I don’t see anywhere else in any other training like this. I’m really excited to announce that you will also have the option to dedicate as a Priestess of your individual Goddess.

As a practitioner of inner child healing, you will be able to facilitate deep inner child work with your clients. This work is fundamental in truly understanding our most authentic soul self. It is also extremely fundamental in a lot of trauma healing, self-love work, and deep self connection and understanding. As you learn this modality, you will experience it yourself, embody the work, and learn to practice it on others. You also have scripts to use with your clients as you move forward through and beyond this training. You will feel supported the whole way through, and the training and teaching is shared with you in many different ways to suit as many learning styles as possible.

As a practitioner of Active Empowerment Coaching, you will be able to facilitate deep shifts with your clients, particularly in the realm of self-love. I like to think of this modality a self-love coaching on steroids, it is a beautiful, powerful modality where you will be able to offer sessions that will shift the perspective and reality of every single client, every single time. In this modality, you will once more experience and embody the work, before learning to practice it on others. Inside of the Active Empowerment coaching modality, we will be really looking at how to use journalling, coaching, powerful questioning, and affirmations just to name a few things in a brand-new way to completely reframe the mindset of any individual (and yourself too!). Once more, I pride myself in knowing that you will feel completely supported throughout the learning of this modality, and the teaching is geared towards all learning styles.

As a practitioner of Dea Healing, you will be able to facilitate deep, soul level healing, and incredible energetic protection for your clients and yourself. Dea Healing is a brand new healing modality that has been channelled through me (I believe from a past life) and I have been working with for quite some time now. I’ve been using this technique with clients and receiving mind blowing results, people feel completely held and safe, and release really deep trauma through this healing modality. Dea healing is a really powerful energy healing technique, that allows you to really connect with somebody’s energy field to allow the deepest possible healing for them. To facilitate Dea healing you connect in with the Goddess, and this healing combines Divine feminine energy with Stella universal energy. It is called Dea healing after the Goddess, as in Latin the word goddess is Dea. You will see this technique in practice, experience it, embody it, and practice it yourself. Again, this modality will be taught in several learning styles to allow the best possible understanding, and I will support you on your journey with it.

As a professional Oracle card reader you will be able to give clear, accurate readings for your clients and for yourself. This is so much more than just an Oracle card reading training, as it really focuses on enhancing your intuition, and deepening your trust of yourself and therefore your intuition and its guidance. By the time you finish this training, you will feel confident to be able to offer professional Oracle card readings, and to really utilise your gifts of intuition. You will also know how to use your Priestess skills to call in the Goddess to guide you deeper and with more clarity in your readings. Once more you will receive, learn, understand, embody, and practice this modality during this training. You will also be learning from a variety of learning styles, and truly understand how to offer readings with confidence, and feel supported as you learn.

As a Channeling Practitioner, you will be able to channel guidance, messages, guided journeys, meditations and more directly from the Divine Feminine. You will be able to receive crystal-clear messages from the goddess, and you will be able to shift and move through dimensions with your clients, allowing them to experience the divine and all the magic of the universe in so many ways. You will also be taught to specifically channel the Goddess you work with for this training, and you will be able to do this in a variety of ways. This is the most mystical, magical, mysterious part of this training, and it will be extremely personalised. Again, the trainings we shared with you through many learning styles, you will feel extremely supported on your journey to become a Channeling Practitioner, and you will see this modality in action, experience it, embody it and practice it on others during this training.

What does this training look like?

This training is very strategically and specifically structured to be able to help you to learn quickly, to embody the magic, and to feel like a true master of the modalities over a period of five months.

There are six modules inside of this training, and they connect to the six archetypes of the Divine Feminine that I work with. These modules will spend time connecting to each of the things that you will be certified in. The Sacred Priestess module is an orientation module, so you will have access to that first. We start with an opening ceremony where you will connect with your Goddess (who has been channelled by me for you) for the first time and you will experience a ceremony led by me to connect with your fellow trainee Priestesses (or Priestesses-to-be as I like to call them!).

We then embark on the next 5 modules (correlating to the 5 modalities) over 5 months. This looks something like this for each month:

You receive access to the first training material pieces in the online portal (this will be videos and audios) for the specific energy we are working with for the month as well as the specific technique we are covering. You will have ‘homework’ to do to begin to enhance your understanding, some of which will always be practicing it on yourself.

We have an Embodiment Call, this is a call for you to ask questions about the technique from your practice on your own and for us to go a bit deeper into it and to connect and share about the energy of that month and how you are connecting with your Goddess with it.

You will receive the next section of training, which will be examples of the techniques being used and demonstrated by me to again enhance your understanding. You will also have some more connection time with your Goddess.

We have a Practical Magic Call, where I will do a live demonstration on one of the Priestesses-to-be and then you will all go into breakout rooms and take it in turns practicing the techniques on each other and giving each other feedback so you can truly master each technique.

When you say yes to the Priestess training, you also will receive a one-to-one call with me which will be placed towards the end of the training to help you solidify your Priestess path going forward, to make the most out of everything and to help you on your personal journey too. This call will be an hour long, so we can dive into things and really help you get that clarity on where your Priestess path is going.

If you would like your Priestess training experience to be more hands-on, there is a VIP upgrade available, where you will receive monthly one-to-one calls with me to dive into what you are learning, to practice techniques, and to guide you through anything that is coming up for you as you connect to yourself and your purpose in this new way.

We also have a Priestess Training private Facebook group, so you can ask questions, share and connect with your fellow Priestesses-to-be in there.

Finally, we have a magical Dedication Ceremony where you will dedicate as a Priestess and officially receive your certifications (kind of like the most magical graduation ever).

And not to forget, you also get a manual sent to you when you sign up, so that you have a tool to refer back to at any time, with tips, tricks, and scripts for some techniques to help you to really master them and to use them with ease and confidence with clients.

The investment is £1,111 for the Priestess training, including all group calls, the course content, your private one-to-one call with me, the Facebook group access, your certifications, the manual and everything else inside of the 5 month training. 

The investment for the VIP upgrade, which includes 5 additional one-to-one calls with me throughout the entire Priestess Training experience, is £2,222.

Let’s make some magic together.

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