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Take a deep dive into working with me to be held in a safe and nurturing space designed to support you as you connect back to your soul truth, to move in a new and deeply embodied way, and to experience magic, ritual and ceremonial work in ways you never have before…


I am also incredible proud to have created a beautiful one-to-one program if you are looking for a longer experience than just one session, with two spots remaining for this year. it is called the Archetypal Goddess Healing Journey, and you can read more below…
Dive into the details of my Archetypal Goddess Healing Journey here

I am so grateful and excited to be offering In-Person Retreat Days in a beautiful space in Dorset, UK.

I have been successfully creating beautiful custom one-to-one and small group retreat days for a while and it has been something I have only really offered to a couple of regular clients whilst I worked it out. I can now confidently say that what I have created is something incredible, beautiful, peaceful and healing.

I am so excited to be offering retreat days at an incredible venue, Sculpture by the Lakes, where I will be hiring a gorgeous private space for us for the day with a beautiful pontoon out over the water with sofas and incredible views. I will also be providing an amazing 3 course picnic lunch from the restaurant at Sculpture by the Lakes, which is AMAZING.

This day will be 10.30am to 4.30pm, and can be used really however you desire.

We can dive into spiritual healing, guided journeys, mindset work, talking therapies, nature bathing, card readings, walking meditation work, teaching and guidance, ceremonies, whatever you need in the moment (and it is totally ok if you don’t know what it is that you need! We can work intuitively together to give you exactly what your soul is craving).

You will also receive some beautiful gifts from my favourite local places, but I will keep that bit a surprise until the day.

This day of pure magic is available for a few varying prices depending on how many of you are looking to come.

For one-to-one, the energetic exchange is £444.

For 2 of you, the energetic exchange is £277 per person.

For 3 of you, the energetic exchange is £222 per person.

For 4 of you, the energetic exchange is £177 per person.

For more information or to book your retreat day, please email me at 

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