This year has definitely been a space of big change, of big shifts, of lots evolving for me personally and for so many people that I speak to, and that is why I haven’t been as present here. I very much didn’t want to be sending you out loads of posts from a place that wasn’t very clear, a place that wasn’t very certain, a place that didn’t feel very grounded, so I decided to give myself a little breather… but actually I miss this!

I have a lot that I want to share with you, and I feel like I am going to be more present here now that I have given myself the time to reconnect to myself, to heal and soothe my nervous system, and to come back certain, strong, and excited about what I am here for inside of my business and my personal Priestess path. 

So what have I been up to?

Well, lots of rest, lots of therapy, lots of exercise (I have a fabulous personal trainer who has helped me beyond belief, and have also fallen madly in love with yoga again), lots of being by the ocean, lots of time with people I love, lots of magical experiences (like the retreat I went on a couple of weeks ago to St Nectan’s Glen in Cornwall, one of my favourite places in the entire world!!) and lots of preparation for coming back to myself and my business fully. 

One of the things I am really excited about is that I have revamped my self-paced course Discover Goddess 🥳 This course is an epic introduction to working with the Goddess, allowing you to begin experiencing Her energies. Discover Goddess is an online course to allow you to get to know the Divine Feminine in your own way, in your own time. Feel and embody your unique connection, and through my guidance and teachings, understand how to work with the Goddess and Her magical energy. This course has been lovingly created especially for those of you who want to learn more about what exactly Goddess Spirituality is and how you can experience it and implement it into your own life, without any pressure, life-long commitment or time restraints. Know that you can journey with this course however feels aligned for you.

And further to this, I have decided to do something extra magic for those of you who already have or who are looking to purchase this course… If you purchase Discover Goddess before 1st October 2023, you also get access to our month-long private facebook group happening for the duration of October, where you will have the space to work through the course and do some with some accountability if you want it, a space to share your experience and be really heard and witnessed, and a place to ask me as many questions as you like for that month – and this part doesn’t cost you a penny! I am really excited to share the magic and play with some dreamy Goddess-y energy with you all.

If you want to hear me talk a little about it, check out this video below:video preview

That is my update for today, and I can’t wait to keep in touch more.

With love, always,


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