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Alignment Alchemy Sessions

Alignment Alchemy Sessions

In need of an intensive burst of life-changing magic?

Then this is the session for you.

Work 1:1 with me for an Alignment Alchemy Session to uplevel your life, to shift anxiety, to take some action and to step into your whole soul self.

In this session, we will be using a range of therapeutic techniques, healing modalities and divine guidance to assist you on your path. We will create an ‘energetic game plan’ for you moving forward, with action steps so you can continue to feel light, connected and all-round magical long after the session has finished.


In these sessions, we will also take some time to deeply connect to the divine, to your soul and your soul purpose.

I will use my skills from my many trainings and vast experience to create a totally unique and magical space for your growth, transformation and inner connection to yourself and the divine. We will will be using a mixture of my skills and gifts to create a unique & custom experience for you.

My work and wisdom is based on my own personal experiences and journey through life and spirituality, giving them a foundation of lived experience rather than something from a textbook, making every interaction extremely unique. This session will help you to connect to your soul & purpose, & help you to shine in the full, beautiful, empowered way you are capable of. My work is authentic, powerful, transformative & empowering. Basically, I am offering you total MAGIC!​

We will work together with messages & healing from the Divine to bring REAL results for you. Most importantly, this is your journey, & it will be completely unique, magical, custom & TOTALLY YOURS! We will be using all sorts of magical tools together to facilitate this incredible journey, ranging from Oracle & Tarot cards, to Deep Guided Meditation and Journeying, to Channelled Messages, to Spiritual Coaching & Mindset work, to Reiki & Seichem Healing. There will be so much MAGIC!

My skills come together to create a highly empathic & divinely guided experience that is so uniquely perfect for what you need to receive.

Ready to blossom into a new chapter of your life? Experience a powerful energetic upgrade? Learn to love yourself more? Feel aligned & in your power? Then these are the sessions for you.

This is perfect for you if:

  • You want to receive messages from your personal spirit guides
  • You need some clarity on certain aspects of your life & insight into what’s next for you
  • You are looking for an aid to help you to relax & de-stress
  • You are ready to release limiting beliefs
  • You are in need of spiritual, emotional or physical healing
  • You are looking for something spiritual & magic but also scientifically proven
  • You want to receive information on how to grow & take action that is divinely guided
  • You want a totally unique experience, shifting & aligning you with your soul