✨What exactly is a women’s circle?✨


A women’s circle is a sacred space where women meet monthly to connect. This can (and in my case definitely will) include guided meditation and visualisation, ceremony, oracle cards, sharing, magic and MORE.


✨My Sacred Women’s Circle Membership✨


I have created an exclusive membership option that guarantees your space in each month’s live women’s circle, PLUS you get some bonuses.


You receive:


  • 🌸✨access to the women’s circles✨

  • 🌸✨Access to a private member’s only Facebook group✨

  • 🌸✨Recordings of the meditations done in the live circles (these will be uploaded into the FB group)✨




✨If you miss a live circle in the membership, do you miss out?✨


NO! You will have access to the meditation AND you will receive a mini one-card oracle card reading via email to make sure you don’t miss out. Plus you have the FB group to share with the whole group as well.


✨How come it is SO affordable?✨


because I am ALL about accessibility. As someone who recently finished university and my time as a student, I know EXACTLY how it feels to struggle to afford to be in a sacred container with wonderful women that I LONGED to be a part of. I wasn’t ever going to create something so “exclusive” that nobody could come! Especially younger women or who are just stepping into finding their authentic selves and don’t have a lot of money to invest into it yet.

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