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I wanted to have a page here to share with you all the MAGIC my work has brought to people. But enough from me, below are some of my epic testimonials...

"Not only is Darcie an incredibly kind and professional person, but her readings are always accurate and her reiki is effective. I would definitely recommend treatments with Darcie!"

"That call today was amazing! Thank you so much for just being you. You have such amazing gifts! The guided meditation literally brought me to tears, I needed it so much"

"Your reading and energy was truly amazing and gave me the clarity I was needing to trust the process and receive my abundance. I can't wait to connect again!"

"Thank you so much for tonight's Brigid ceremony - it was amazing and I enjoyed it so much. Loved connecting with her through your channelled meditation and it was really interesting to make scented sprays and smell all the different combinations!! Think you did a wonderful job Darcie and can't wait to get to know Goddess more and share the journey with you. Thank you"

“This was amazing! I went so deep into this meditation - I knew I would connect with the water element the best as I have always adored watching the sea, streams, waterfalls etc. It is beautiful to know that I can go back to my sacred place at any time and re-create the sense of calm and connection that you gave me. So glad I bought this and will keep using it! Thank you”

”I’ve honestly felt so different like happier. Like lightness in my heart since doing your guided meditations"

”I am so so so happy you did this!!! You are the best. Thank you for the divine messages and confirmations”

”I had the BEST reading done by Darcie. I still can’t wrap my head around how powerful that was! Thank you for the clarity”

 “Check out Darcie for some amazing spiritual guidance” 

"Today I had a reading with Darcie, and it was WAY more than I could have ever expected! Darcie told me everything I truly needed to hear and has healed me in a way I will never be able to explain. I recommend not only her readings but her reiki healing as well! I have never felt more relaxed. Darcie, thank you so much! Will definitely be booking again soon"

Amanda Maddalena - Testimonial

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