Deepen your connection and prepare for your dedication… Copy Copy

Journal on:

– what does it mean for you to be a Priestess?

– how are you embodying your Priestess-hood?

– what feels important as you move forward into the world as a Priestess?

– what does your inner wisdom have to share with you at this time?

I also want you to feel into your Priestess vows – this is a very important part of being a Priestess. These vows will be witnessed by your sisters as well as me and will mark the beginning of your journey as an official Priestess.

What do you want to promise to be/bring forward as a Priestess of the Divine Feminine?

Dive into it. Your vows must be shared with me 48 hours prior to the dedication ceremony, to ensure that they are thought out and meaningful, not a last minute thought. This is a HUGE role and responsibility you are taking on as you step into Priestess-hood, and I encourage you to really feel into the shoes you are stepping into as you walk in the footsteps of the Goddess.

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