Embody Goddess

Embody Your Inner Queen

I have some exciting news

I have completely revamped Embody Goddess – My magical experience to connect with the Divine Feminine!
Let me talk to you firstly about the main changes I’ve made. If you remember the first round, it was 4 weeks long and followed the traditional archetypes and elements of the Goddess. It was beautiful and transformational, and 7 magical souls took a journey of a lifetime with me. However, I have been weaving in my own magic alongside more divine downloads and channelled guidance, and this experience has up leveled like crazy. Embody Goddess is now a six week experience with group calls with me every week as well as so much more. You now get exclusive access to the Starseed Hub, a brand new feature that totally upgrades the experience, it is the ultimate magical toolkit for everything you need to not only get the best out of this experience, but also to become your best self. AND, yes there’s more, you receive access to Discover Goddess, my flagship online course all about the Divine Feminine which will act as an incredible guide along your Goddess journey, plus you receive two incredible bonuses when you sign up, firstly my signature Elemental Guided Meditation Bundle which have changed the lives of over 100 women (whew, that’s still totally mind blowing!) AND you get Women’s Circles 101, the ultimate guide to running sold out women’s circles, and I really do know, I have now sold out all of my women’s circles and moon circles that I have ever run.


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Ok, so what is actually in this magic, jam-packed program?

Over the six weeks, we will be diving deep into working with six divinely inspired archetypes of the Goddess that will allow you such deep insight into your soul and yourself.

These Goddess archetypes are:


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We will also be working WITH Goddesses alongside techniques such as Emotional Freedom Techniques, Spotlight Coaching, Oracle Card Guidance, Guided Meditation, Energy Healing, Soul Journeys and more to allow you to master your skills as an incredible, powerful, beautiful, soulful, aligned QUEEN.

So let’s just check in once more…

The total investment for this program is £555.

For £555, you will be receiving:

– 6 weeks of group calls with me (and access to my lifetime of knowledge)
– Exclusive access to the Starseed Hub
– Discover Goddess
– The Elemental Guided Meditation Bundle
– Women’s Circles 101
– Some secret surprises (because you know I’ve got more magic up my sleeve)



There is a time and availability limit. There had to be (sorry!). We will start this incredible adventure at the end of May 2021, so make sure you are in by then. There is a cap on how many magical souls I am calling into this experience, as I want this to be a deep, intimate experience for all who are involved, and I want everyone to have my experienced eyes (with over 9 years experience to be precise) on their lives to help them grow and blossom into their inner Goddess, so there is only space for a total of 8 magical souls.

I am so excited about this experience, and I can’t wait for you to join me for all the magic we will weave together inside of Embody Goddess. If you have any questions, send me an email or a DM over on Instagram and let’s chat.

Let's take a sneak peak into the Starseed Hub, what's included?

Embody Goddess

Are you ready to say yes to embodying your inner Goddess?

Embody Goddess is THE program for you if you are ready to invite the Divine Feminine into your life, to create balance, to harness magic and to step into the best version of yourself.

This 6 week group program will literally change your life. 

Are you ready to step into your Queen self now?


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