Moonglade Manifestation Masterclass

with Priestess Darcie & Marisa Shapley

✨Moonglade Manifestation Masterclass✨


I am beyond excited to announce the Moonglade Masterclass I am launching with my magical soul sister Marisa Shapley 



Two 90 minute sacred sessions to align you with your soul & purpose, to glow with the flow, find balance & manifest your wildest dreams. 



Why this name?


Moonglade is the term that refers to the magical reflection of moonlight on the ocean, which just feels so magical and beautifully aligned to the both of us. Manifestation is a tool used to bring wishes into reality. Masterclass means that these are expert sessions, guided by two incredibly powerful experts in the magical realms. 



Do you want to call forth magical abundance? Break free from all that is holding you back? Blossom into a new chapter of your life? Experience a powerful energetic upgrade?



The Prana Experience


Marisa Shapley, creator of Butterfly Prana, is offering a 90 minute Prana Experience to help you to learn insights into your life. Marisa’s magical expertise will help you to connect in a unique way to the divine, to receive guidance through her skills as an oracle & tarot card reader as well as her intuitive downloads & work with elemental fire. She works with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) & Coaching in her sessions alongside being a highly intuitive empath & spiritual badass. Her passion is teaching you how to elevate your life & spiritual connection through her faery magic. She can also use her extensive business expertise to align & elevate your career. She connects deeply with the element of earth & brings through messages & guidance deeply grounded in divine love. This session will be unique & tailored to your specific needs & desires. Marisa is extremely skilled in creating alignment within you by releasing the stories that are holding you back & creating new ways of being that leave you feeling naturally motivated in all areas of life. 



Alignment Alchemy Session


Priestess Darcie is offering a 90 minute Alignment Alchemy session in which she will use her many sacred skills from her 8 years of spiritual training to connect you to your soul. She works intuitively with her unique mermaid magic, & will use a combination of skills such as card reading, channelling divine messages, Reiki & Seichim energy healing, guided journey, spiritual coaching & guidance. Her pearls of wisdom that she shares are based on her experiences & journey through life & spirituality, giving them a foundation of lived experience, making every interaction extremely personal. Her work with divine connection & the elements of air & water are completely unique, & come together to create a highly empathic & divinely guided experience. This authentic, deeply powerful, transformative & empowering magic that Darcie has to offer will help you to learn what your soul & spirit guides want to you know, & connect to your purpose. You will shine in the beautiful, empowered way that she knows you are capable of. She is offering you a sacred flow of complete & total MAGIC!



All of this magic is available for just $444 or £333

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