What it’s like to work with the Divine Feminine

Working with the Divine Feminine, with the Goddess, is the most incredible experience. I find it difficult sometimes to even find the words to describe just how special and life-changing and incredible it is! Check out this video for more: The guidance I have for you, is that if you are curious, if you want […]

Connect with the element of fire🔥

Connect with the element of fire 🔥 If you want to learn more about how to connect with the sacred elements, and to work with the Divine feminine and mother Earth, then, why not check out my incredible self paced, Discover Goddess guide – or even join us for a live version of this powerful […]

Feeling a little lost?

Have you been feeling a lack of connection? A bit lost? A bit stuck? And feeling like you want to give something different a try, but you aren’t really sure where to go and don’t want to make a colossal commitment? I have something for you. And it is literally made for you. My Discover […]

How working with the elements changed my life

Today I wanted to share with you a little about just how magical it is to really work with the elements, to connect with Mother Nature, and how it has impacted my life. So, how did connecting with the elements change my life? 🌊🌬️🪴🔥 Working with the elements and bringing my awareness and energy towards […]

What is included in Discover Goddess?

So what is included in Discover Goddess? SO MUCH MAGIC! This course is structured like a powerful guide to give you all the information for you to fully understand what it is you are connecting with and why as well as powerful exercises and experiences (including my epic guided meditations) to really feel your connection […]

Discover Goddess is BACK and better than ever

This year has definitely been a space of big change, of big shifts, of lots evolving for me personally and for so many people that I speak to, and that is why I haven’t been as present here. I very much didn’t want to be sending you out loads of posts from a place that […]

The Magic of Oracle Card Reading

Oracle card readings are one of my favourite ways to bring through messages & information for my clients. This is taught inside of the Sacred Priestess Training. Even more than that, the certification you will receive is as a Professional Oracle Card Reader, meaning that you will: Oracle card readings are perfect for anyone with […]

The Sacred Priestess Training is built for women like you

The Sacred Priestess Training is built for women like you. This training is built for women who are wanting to deepen their connection to themselves & to the Divine Feminine in a truly profound & expansive way. This training is designed for women who are ready to truly step into spiritual leadership and self-leadership. It […]

Deeper-than-surface-level Self-Care

Cosy Sunday self-care is something that I think we see romanticised and idealised in the online space and I partially love it and partially feel like it doesn’t quite cut it for me, and I want to talk about that today.  The best place for me to start is to tell you a little bit […]

You can’t force a miracle

Sometimes we try to force an up level, a glow up – and it just doesn’t work that way.  Don’t get me wrong, it takes action and showing up for yourself in a new and powerful way, but it’s not something we can put a deadline on or expect to look a certain way.  This […]

Hello From The Sacred Constellation

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