Today I wanted to share with you a little about just how magical it is to really work with the elements, to connect with Mother Nature, and how it has impacted my life.

a photo of me in my element (haha, get it?) connecting in with nature at St Nectan’s Glen

So, how did connecting with the elements change my life? 🌊🌬️🪴🔥

Working with the elements and bringing my awareness and energy towards connecting with them has had profound impacts on my life.

🪴 it has made me more present

🌬️ I have become more able to release tension and stress

🔥 I am more focused and driven towards my passions

🌊 I am more connected

🪴 I see more beauty and magic in the world

🌬️I have been able to find parts of myself I didn’t think I had

🔥 I have been able to hold space for myself to through resistance and give myself compassion where required

🌊 I built up these tools that have allowed me to then move through life with a lot more self-love, a lot more self-compassion, and a lot more patience and understanding for myself and others around me

🌬️I have learnt to drop into sacred space anywhere, and working with the elements has really allowed that to feel strong and create that.

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With love, always,


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